UNILAG Ventures (water unit)

University of Lagos Waters

Water for life!

Our Mission

The mission of Unilag Water is to promote a platform of business enterprise that will continue to meet the ever growing needs of the University community and the society at large in terms of quality products and services.

Our Vision

The vision of Unilag Water is to be a top class business enterprise established to provide quality products and services through dedicated and well- motivated workforce.


since 1995

⦁ We produce both sachet and bottle water. 

⦁ In addition to the conventional water treatment, the water process goes through the ozone and reverse osmosis for optimal purification.

⦁ We open to customer 7.30am – 5.30pm – Mondays to Fridays and 9am -3pm on Saturdays. 

⦁ Home delivery within the campus is available at a cost of N100 per trip for sachet and N200 for bottle water. 

⦁ We do customized-label water for birthdays, wedding, burial and other celebrations in general.